Semi Permanent Make Up

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Annalisa Phillips

Annalisa Phillips has worked in the beauty industry for 10 years and trained at leading cosmetic and medical tattooing company Finishing Touches. She has been working along side some of the leading cosmetic doctors in the country providing Semi-permanent Make UpServices in the most reputable salon and cosmetic clinics in London, Buckinghamshire,Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire. Her intricate work in this field is an extension of herpersonal interest in all things creative. Her knowledge of colour and symmetry and the eyefor detail she has gained from drawing, painting and sketching, has enabled her to providenatural looking, high quality and precise treatments. Passionate about looking good herself, Annalisa understands all too well that women want to enhance their natural beauty without looking artificial, and prides herself on giving each client the time and attention they need in order to give them the result they want.

How Semi-Permanent Make Up Can Help You

Permanent make up is the ideal way to enhance your own natural beauty.

By having a permanent make up procedure you will save time and effort on your daily routine and ensure you naturally look your best day and night.

For the age conscious of us, permanent make up can enhance the youth of your natural features by lifting and defining your brow and eye area and by giving the appearance to a fuller, more defined lip shape. Your eyes can appear more open with perfect eyeliner and the added benefit of the appearance of thicker denser lashes.

If you play sports, enjoy swimming or spending time on the beach, then permanent make up is the ideal solution to ensure you stay looking immaculate as you enjoy these activities.

For those of us who have difficulty applying conventional make up, or suffer from allergies, a semi-permanent make up procedure alleviates all worry and allows you to enjoy the benefits of wearing perfect make up that is individually tailored to you.

Semi Permanent Make Up Treatment


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Eyebrows (Individual Hair Stoke, Colourwash or Block)

Initial Procedure
Yearly Colour Refresher

Eyes (Lash Enhancement, Standard Daytime Liner)

Initial Procedure
Colour Refresher

Lips (Blush)

Initial Procedure
Colour Refresher