MD Formulations

Available at Bourne End

MD Formulations was the first company to license and patent glycolic based products, as well as being the first to combine glycolic with vitamin A to give the ultimate anti-ageing formulation.

MD Formulations Radiance Express Facial

This effective treatment is the ideal introduction to the amazing benefits of glycolic, giving instantly visible results for any skin type or condition.

MD Formulations Medi-Spa Prescription Facial

This luxurious facial utilises effective and advanced ingredients to target and correct any skin condition or type and will be tailor-made to the exact needs of your skin. The treatment includes deep and thorough cleanse and exfoliation to gently lift away excess dead skin to reveal a brighter, clearer and more youthful complexion. Our hot towel infusion and scalp massage are both relaxing and beneficial to the skin and utilise vitamin c to even out skin tone and boost collagen production to smooth any fine lines and plump the skin.

WOW! Age Lift Peel-off Masque

To receive the WOW factor for that special occasion why not add this masque to any of the md facials. Instantly lifting and toning superficial facial contours, stimulating collagen, relaxing expression lines and reducing wrinkle depth. The results are instant and you will walk away with a brighter, younger, cleaner, clearer and softer skin!

MD Formulations Classic Glycolic Peel

This amazing treatment gives a powerful boost to any skin type and quickly creates a much brighter, younger, and smoother skin that radiates health. Performed in a course for best results, they will rapidly improve the overall appearance and feel of any complexion.

MD Formulations Advanced Alpha/Beta Peel

This more advanced peel is designed specifically to target and correct any skin condition such as acne, rosacea, pigmentation and ageing. This treatment removes premature ageing damage from the deeper layers of the skin, for maximum results on deeper lines, wrinkles and dull, sun- damaged skin.


Your skin must be prepared prior to an MD Formulations skin peel. A corrector product must be used at home 2 weeks prior to the treatment. Your therapist will advise you.