Holistic Treatments

Available at Harpenden, Beaconsfield, Bourne End, Bushey Heath


Lavender and Stone Signature Treatment

Unique to Lavender and Stone beauty rooms, this holistic treatment commences with a detailed consultation so we can tailor the treatment just for you, to help ease away all of your stresses and bring your mind, body and soul back into balance.

It starts with a deeply relaxing full body and scalp massage, incorporating the hot lava shells and aromatherapy oils to help alleviate stress and soothe those aching muscles.

A relaxing facial using hot towels and a collagen mask follows this to help plump the skin and give you that lasting glow.

Pure indulgence just for you!

Swedish Massage

A massage designed to ease tension, relieve stress and promote a general state of well-being.

Back, neck and shoulder
Back, neck, shoulder and scalp
Full body

Indian Head Massage

This ancient art of massage is excellent for the relief of chronic neck and shoulder stiffness, eye strain and headaches; it also helps with mental tiredness and improves circulation.


A gentle therapeutic pressure point massage applied to the feet. The pressure applied by our therapist’s sensitive hands can detect crystalline deposits and blockages along the energy lines, which correspond to imbalances felt within the body. Unblocking these lines restores the balance and promotes self-healing.

Hopi-ear candle therapy

Ear candles, using only natural ingredients, are placed gently into the auditory canal for this pleasant and completely painless treatment. Benefits for those suffering from stress, hayfever, excessive ear wax or sensation of blocked ears, tinnitus, headaches, migraine and sinusitis.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (available at Harpenden)

Traditional Chinese Medicine talks of a vital energy flowing throughout our bodies, called Qi. If this flow is disturbed, you will experience symptoms of disease. TCM harmonises the movement of qi, to restore wellbeing and prevent illness. TCM is ideal for: Problems during Pregnancy • Infertility • PMS • Sports injuries • Arthritis • Back pain • Asthma • IBS • Migraine • Stress • Depression • Allergies • Weight loss • Smoking cessation.

Osteopathy (available at Beaconsfield)

Osteopathy works with the whole body, aiming to restore it to a state of balance through touch, gentle physical manipulation and stretching of the muscles, ligaments and joints. Osteopathy aims to relieve pain in order to get you back to your normal lifestyle. Different techniques are utilised according to individual’s needs ensuring suitability for all ages. We also use cranial techniques and acupuncture “dry needling” where appropriate.