Caci Treatments

Available at Harpenden, Beaconsfield, Bourne End, Bushey Heath


Backed by over 20 years of research, CACI is the best known system within the beauty industry, and results are often so dramatic that the CACI has become known as “The non-surgical face lift”.

Caci jowl lift treatment

The Caci jowl lift treatment has been developed to specifically target muscle laxity around the jawline. Using the NEW quad probe applicators you can double the lifting action of the Caci treatment helping to lift, firm and redefine the facial contours and help improve the appearance of sagging jowls.

Caci non-surgical face lift

Caci gently helps tighten and tone sagging muscles whilst smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, renowned and favoured by celebrities. The dual-tipped probes increase the effect on the muscle producing immediate and dramatic results. This is a pleasant relaxing facial.

Caci non-surgical face lift plus jowl treatment

The original Caci non-surgical treatment with the extra benefit of the NEW Caci jowl lift.

Caci de Luxe

A Caci non-surgical face lift with additional time to concentrate on areas of concern. For example: eyes (laughter lines), forehead (frown lines), chin (double chin), we work on the areas you choose.

Caci eye treatment

This Caci treatment is particularly focused on the very fine and delicate skin around the eye area. It gently lifts and smoothes leaving the face looking more relaxed and youthful.

Caci hydratone

Hydratone recharges and replenishes the skin whilst also restoring muscle tone giving immediate and intensive skin hydration and face firming.

Caci Chromaclear microdermabrasion

The Chromaclear is a revolutionary skin rejuvenation treatment. By propelling perfectly round microspheres onto the skin surface the Chromaclear produces an action that exfoliates the skin tissue leaving behind a complexion with a new found luminosity and youthful vitality. A unique hydrating and smoothing gel mask is then applied to replenish and quench dull dehydrated skin.

Caci back treatment

This back treatment incorporating the Caci Chromaclear deep cleanses, decongests and hydrates specific areas of concern leaving the skin clearer, healthier and brighter.