Why you should Fake Bake this Summer!

July 8, 2016

Everybody feels better with a bit of colour to their skin. Whether you are jetting off to warmer climates (lucky you), if you have any parties and events lined up this Summer or if you simply want to achieve that sun-kissed look quickly and safely, we’d love to introduce you to the Fake Bake Tanning system.

Why Fake Bake?

We all know the dangers of the sun to our skin and how sun damage is the biggest contributor to ageing our skin. Fake Bake is the World’s largest independent tanning brand with over 25 years’ experience in tanning products. Fake Bake is the go to tan for celebrities, beauty editors and salon professionals alike. The luxurious formulations contain the highest quality of premium ingredients which are free from artificial preservatives and parabens.

With a tan to suit every skin type, skin tone and lifestyle, Fake Bake creates the perfect tan for you.  Fake Bake can’t turn you orange, it can only turn you the colour you would naturally go by sunbathing, because it works with your skin’s own melatonin levels.

The Fake Bake Original Self-Tan products contain the naturally derived, premium tanning agents DHA Erythulose and DMI, meaning the tan is more predictable with better results (browner and less orange). This combination works together to reduce streaking and miscolouring, for a natural, even tan. These ingredients also ensure your tan lasts longer and fades evenly for a continuously natural appearance.

Here are our top tips to make the most of your Fake Bake tan:


  • Always use an exfoliator to remove dead skin cells from the skin, concentrating on your hands, knees and elbows. This will leave the skin free from any oils and allow the tan to penetrate evenly.
  • Do not use any other self-tanning products for one week before your spray tan.
  • Make sure you wax or shave at least 24 hours before your spray tan.
  • On the day of your spray tan do not wear any make-up, deodorant, perfume, body oils or lotions, as these could react with the tanning agents.
  • Wear dark, loose clothing, and sandals or flip flops to your appointment.


  • We recommend you allow a few minutes for the tan to absorb before dressing.
  • Make sure you keep skin completely dry and avoid contact with water at all costs. Avoid any activities that will make you sweat!
  • Do not apply any products over the developing tan.
  • Allow your tan to develop.
  • Drink hot drinks through a straw, as contact with a hot cup can strip the colour from around your mouth. The same thing can happen with toothpaste so be careful when brushing your teeth.


  • Rinse off the remaining colour with warm water. Once the water runs clear, gently wash yourself with a mild soap.
  • Check your skin product labels and avoid any that contain alpha hydroxy acids (AHA’s), as they can strip colour.
  • Avoid swimming pools as the chlorine will prematurely fade your tan.
  • Moisturising is key because the better condition your skin is in, the longer your tan will last. We recommend you moisturize every day.
  • Five to seven days after your spray tan, exfoliate your skin and repeat this every two days thereafter to ensure that your tan fades evenly.

If you have any questions or if you would like to know more, we’d be delighted to help!


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